Welcome to the Town of Lafleche

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The Town of Lafleche is located in south-central Saskatchewan, 140 km southwest of Moose Jaw and 80 km north of the Canada-US border, at the junction of Highway 13 and Highway 58. Located close by is Thomson Lake Regional Park with tent and trailer site, swimming pool, golf course and restaurant.

Sports and recreation, and music and arts, are an important part of the Lafleche community, relying upon it’s dedicated volunteer committees to provide these services.

Lafleche is growing with a population of 406 (2011 population report) and anticipation of more growth as southern Saskatchewan develops its oil and gas industry.

Welcome to our community and our website. Browse and discover more about us!

15 Responses to Welcome to the Town of Lafleche

  1. Dennis Victor says:

    Trying to find information about my fathers uncle. He farmed around Lafleche . He died around 1943. I have the sections he owned at that time. A total of 940 acre’s. His name was Henry (Henri ) Sabbe. My father left me the letter he wrote for my grandfather who handled the estate. A bill also shows C DeWulf Funeral home. Also Drs.. Macrae and Mclean Regina Medical and reference to Grey Nuns Hospital . I have tried accessing different sites. .Also don’t know where he was buried? Ideas’ ? Would be appreciated.

  2. Judy Wallace (nee Pratte) says:

    Many fond memories of summer holidays with my aunt and uncle ( Blanche and Marcel Verbeke).
    My father , Emile Pratte and Mother, Dallas, (nee Little) grew up in Lafleche.

  3. Jimm forsloff says:

    Any members of the Curry family still in LeFleche. My mother was born there and moved to Oregon with parents James and Lillian Curry.

  4. Bill Taylor says:

    Come most years to visit my cousin Lynn and Debbie Sutherland…My Aunt Georgnina Mac Donald from Bonnyrigg in Scotland married Norman Sutherland RCAF and joined him in 1946….I enjoy your town because it is quiet and friendly…Sorry the Goose burned down..any chance of it being rebuilt?.Be back this year and will have my usual coffee in the chinamans.

  5. Alan Ireland says:


  6. Louis Leclaire says:

    Do you have a listing somewhere of all the business in Lafleche and area?

  7. Yvonne Clermont Jalbert says:

    Good Morning everyone no one has any comments ,well I was born and raised in Lafleche and have lived in this area all my life . Between Mathieu Convent , Wood Dale school I received my Education and Graduated from Mathieu Convent in Lafleche. I certainly remember a lot about this town.

  8. Jack Stewart says:

    Claudette Briere was born in Lafleche sask in 1947 death on October 15 2014

  9. My great grand uncle settled in LaFl├Ęche around 1900. Unfortunately, he was killed when he joined the war effort against the Germans in WWI. He served as a Zouave, one of the elite forces at that time. Their colorful uniform certainly didn’t help him avoid becoming a target.

    Henri Pierre Laborde

  10. v kaz says:

    enjoyed this very much , I was born in Lafleche in 1948

  11. Linda Straza says:

    Had a great time at reunion!

  12. Betty-Ann says:

    WOW!!!! This looks SO AWESOME!! Well done and so inviting!! Definitely an addition of places to visit on anyone’s bucket list!!

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